Wine Sykora Ltd. was created in the fall of 2001, when followed for four generations of winemakers. We are a family company engaged in viniculture, viticulture and the wine trade.

We farm in Velkopavlovicka wine region to about 50 hectares of vineyards, which are spread out in various areas ranging and lines, and čejkovského velkobílovského land. We make wine for several years in the spirit of integrated production. Thoughtful winter cut, grassing, consistently and repeatedly made ​​"green job" aerated shrubs, some varieties of selection and halving the grapes. The collection is not in a hurry, identification of varieties and reap the discretion of the 2x. (quality wine is formed in the vineyard). These and other vineyard operations contribute to the final sugar content and high quality raw material, which achieves the "attributive" quality and enters the most technologically equipped winery operation.

It is up to you to judge whether we're doing and go a good way. Taste and believe that our wines done with love and you'll love him to come back again.

We are managing stuff by best practices learned over years by our ancestors. We can express it by a motto: